NWM - A New Art of Healing

Naturomatic Wellness Management Methods

NWM is a Non-invasive, Drugless, Psycho-Yogic Therapy. The NWM Therapy from This Centre is helpful in achieving all eight types of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, educational, environmental, occupational, social and spiritual) and this method is used to diagnose and treat as well as in Rehabilitation, Rejuvenation, and Relaxation can also be used. This method has been included in new Alternative / Complimentary,

Benefits of NWM


NWM can benefit people of all ages and walks of life. Kids can benefit from NWM breathing techniques. Whether it be in the morning before school, after recess, or before bedtime or study time, the NWM breathing can help reduce stress and promote wellness, peace and calm to even the highest energized child. Teenagers too can benefit in a similar way to kids. During exam time, or before a sporting event, NWM breathing can help quiet and rejuvenate people. This, in turn, allows for better focus and concentration as well for optimal results.


There are many benefits to NWM. Since NWM encourages the body to heal itself, NWM strengthens our immune system as it does all systems in our bodies. The immune system is an interactive network of organs, cells, and proteins that protect the body from viruses and bacteria and other foreign substances. Most people are unaware of this system working effectively in our bodies unless we are faced with illness. Plants, herbs, and minerals can be used to fight and prevent infections and illnesses. NWM offers services to provide a proper diet plan to prevent illness from occurring through the use of natural foods and herbs. Better health leads to a better quality of life, happier relationships, and stronger families.


NWM helps minimize stress in our lives through techniques such as NWM breathing and NWM healing work. These are ways to strengthen our mind and body and allow peace and calm into our lives. When there is minimal stress, people can enjoy life in ways they never imagined. When people can slow down, and enjoy a quiet, calm state, naturally people are more joyful and content. NWM services offer a complete stress reduction system to help those searching for that missing part of their lives. For those who are overwhelmed with life, NWM is safe and convenient to help manage stressors in our lives.


Professionals can greatly benefit from the use of NWM programs in their daily life. Employees would be more productive, have more job satisfaction, and be willing to come to work with smiles on their faces. There would be less complaining, less gossip. Days would run smoother and easier. Stress would be limited and problem-solving and solution finding would be at best levels. Employers would be happy to see employees content at work. Fewer errors and job-related injuries would occur. Work would be accomplished more efficiently and positive feedback would encourage the new NWM services to continue.

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Definitions of NWM

Natural & Automatic wellness management to promote, prevent and maintain, an optimum state of health & wellness is NWM.”

Management of complete essential wellbeing naturally is NWM.”

NWM is a single window service to avail Rehabilitation, Rejuvenation & Relaxation”.

Principles of NWM

  • NWM is for all 8 Well beings (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Occupational, Environmental, Social and Spiritual.
  • All diseases/ problems are results of Energy Imbalance.
  • Balanced Energy can treat all the diseases/problems.
  • Food items can replace most of the medicines.
  • Only Nature and Natural Energies can heal.
  • Roots of problems/diseases are in mind and soul.
  • NWM can complement every system of medicine and healing.
  • NWM can Diagnose, Treat, Rehabilitate, Rejuvenate and Relax easily.
  • 5 Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) work better with optimum use of 5 Micro Elements (Darkness, Mind, Soul, Direction, and Time).
  • NWM can treat Persons, Places, and Things.

8 Golden Rules of NWM

  • Be natural, be yourself.
  • Avoid Processed Food and Processed Persons.
  • Empty yourself, nobody can pour a filled cup.
  • Everything is Energy, Everything can heal or harm.
  • You are responsible for your health and happiness.
  • Things you don’t repair can repeat.
  • Add everything Positive, Promotive and Productive, to I am…
  • Change, I can’t into I can.