Definitions of NWM

“Natural & Automatic wellness management to promote, prevent and maintain, an optimum state of health & wellness is NWM.”

“Management of complete essential wellbeing naturally is NWM.”

“NWM is a single window service to avail Rehabilitation, Rejuvenation & Relaxation”.

Principles of NWM

  • NWM is for all 8 Well beings (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Occupational, Environmental, Social and Spiritual.
  • All diseases/ problems are results of Energy Imbalance.
  • Balanced Energy can treat all the diseases/problems.
  • Food items can replace most of the medicines.
  • Only Nature and Natural Energies can heal.
  • Roots of problems/diseases are in mind and soul.
  • NWM can complement every system of medicine and healing.
  • NWM can Diagnose, Treat, Rehabilitate, Rejuvenate and Relax easily.
  • 5 Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) work better with optimum use of 5 Micro Elements (Darkness, Mind, Soul, Direction, and Time).
  • NWM can treat Persons, Places, and Things.

Rules of NWM

  • Be natural, be yourself.
  • Avoid Processed Food and Processed Persons.
  • Empty yourself, nobody can pour a filled cup.
  • Everything is Energy, Everything can heal or harm.
  • You are responsible for your health and happiness.
  • Things you don’t repair can repeat.
  • Add everything Positive, Promotive and Productive, to I am…
  • Change, I can’t into I can.

NWM Yukti