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NWM is very helpful in Physical Health problems, as we not just only treats, but we also find the root cause of your problems. For more


Presently NWM is being used as  a treatment at  Institute of Mental Health, New York. On their patients, Results are really satisfying. For more


NWM helps in choosing the best occupation for you, by NWM Life Assessment, by which you can know your strengths & weakness in life. For more


NWM tools are very helpfull for students in improving there learning abilities and memory. For more


Emotional imbalance and other emotional problems are getting very common these days, NWM is very effective in Emotional Problems. For more


Spirituality is very important for a balanced life, NWM also help you in spiritual upliftment, through NWM tools. For more


NWM is a new Alternative, Complimentary,  Non- invasive, Drug less, Psycho-Yogic, Spiritual Therapy.

NWM can diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, rejuvenate & relax easily. NWM can help in achieving all 8 well-being.

NWM is doing great globally.

Pradeep Bhagwat

Founder/Inventor NWM- A New art of Healing

Your Health, wealth, beauty & Happiness is our concern

Bringing light to your Life

Recognition Letter by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

NWM Publications

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NWM for today’s lifestyle

“We fullfill all your wellness needs”

  • NWM Yukti for Diagnosis
  • NWM for Relationship
  • NWM for Rehabilitation
  • NWM for Rejuvenation
  • NWM for Relaxation
  • NWM for Personality Development
  • NWM for Spiritual Growth
  • NWM for Abundance

Benefits of NWM


NWM can benefit people of all ages and walks of life. Kids can get benefit from NWM breathing techniques, you can practice it in the morning before school, after recess, or before bedtime or study time, the NWM breathing can help your child in reducing stress, and at the same time he or she will be more energized and active physically and mentally. During exam time, or before every import day you should definitely perform this 8 minutes process. We suggest you to practice every day for best results, or as directed by your NWM master. Highly beneficial for Mental focus and concentration.


NWM is very beneficial for youth, today the need of youth is Good qualification & satisfying profession. NWM helps in both of your needs. As NWM helps you in choosing the best education/professional course, based on your abilities and result of your Life Assessment and much more.



NWM helps minimize stress in our lives through techniques such as NWM breathing and NWM tele healing. These are ways to strengthen our mind and body and allow peace and calm into our lives. When there is less stress, people can enjoy life in a better ways they never imagined. NWM services offer a complete stress reduction system to help those searching for that missing part of their lives. For those who are overwhelmed with life, NWM is safe and convenient to help manage stressors in our lives.


Reviews by our happy clients & students

NWM being my family knowledge, I started learning and practicing at a very early age and treated many chronic and difficult ailments with the help of different tools of NWM results are miraculous and very fast. i feel very proud as well as blessed when I get chances to serve great social and spiritual personalities. I am offering and conducting various talks and workshops for students, officials, and corporates. I offer online NWM Services too.. Thank you NWM Masters
Pranay Bhagwat
NWM Master
For over years now I have been practicing NWM healing and teaching others on the NWM Breathing and Activation of Elements. I have seen so much change and growth in those I’ve worked with as well as in myself since I was introduced to this unique healing system. The NWM system is powerful and unique as I have worked with and learned other healing modalities, none of which come close to the strength and healing abilities that NWM promises. As with anything new and unknown, I was sceptical. However, once I made a connection to the energies which occurred immediately, it has been an amazing forward journey, which I will continue sharing with others.
Michelle Roberts
NWM Master USA
Pradeep, NWM has been the biggest blessing in my life. Without him and his wonderful life changing healing modality I would not be who I AM today. He has helped me through some personal challenges this year I could not have evolved from as quick if it was not for his magical life transforming healing. He brings me back into balance and wholeness quicker and more subtle, delicately and on all levels, more than any other I have met. I feel so blessed and grateful to have met you and experience this form of healing. You have been a God send in my life and I thank the Lord and the Universe all the time for introducing us. Thanks Pradeep for everything you have done and continue to do in my journey, you are a huge blessing in my life. The books are priceless wonderful healing tools and methods, everybody needs these books. A to Z of Wellness Management and Manifest Wellness. Also I am looking forward to working with the NWM healing modality. Learning all I need to know to move forward and share this wonderful NWM healing modality in the my country. God Bless You and May You Be Blessed Always Namaste
New Zealand
NWM Distance Healing is wonderful I have used and using this wonderful healing method for my emotional and physical well-being when ever I need any help I just ask Pradeep to guide me and all my problems vanishes. I asked Pradeep to heal my daughter to and results are wonderful Thank you
Nancy Moore
San Diego, CA, USA
Thanks a lot, now I can sleep after years, Thank you for your help & NWM Spiritual Healing, in this moment I feel very GOOD!!!!!!
Javier Ceras
Mein Dr. pradeep kumar evm Naturomatic healing and reserch centre se warsho se judi hui hun, lekin energy healing ka prabhav mein apne upr us samey payya jabh mera jivan sakth raho se guzar rahi tha, healing ke baad rehne ko ghar, aapsi sambhandh tatha mera beauty parlor thik se chal raha hei, mein bohot aabhari hun.
Priti Sharma
Shastri Nagar . Meerut
The books are priceless wonderful healing tools and methods, everybody needs these books. A to Z of Wellness Management and Manifest Wellness. Also I am looking forward to working with the NWM healing modality. Learning all I need to know to move forward and share this wonderful NWM healing modality in the my country. God Bless You and May You Be Blessed Always Namaste I’m feeling lighter within, Such as emotional heaviness in my heart tonight. I had felt so balanced spiritually the past few days. I am very grateful for your intense energy and teaching.
Teri Harrington
New York
I have been taken treatment from Naturomatic Healing and Research Centre in alternative therapies. The treatment was highly beneficial to me The Director Dr Pr Pradeep Kumar is serving the society for last 20 years through his various alternative therapies. It is learnt that some of these therapies, have been Included in alternate therapies recognized by Min. of Health and Family Welfare. I wish him all the best for his future
K. G. Garg, Spdt. En
Postal Electrical Circle (Govt. of India)
Meine energy healing sikhne ke baad ek ese patient pe iska prayog karne ka sahas kia jo mahino se na apne aap uth beth sakta tha khana pina to dur ki baat hei, pehle din ki healing se hi veh apne aap khada ho gya or keval 4 din mein hi khood se khane laga mein is vidhya ke lie NH&RC tatha apne guru jano ka dhanyewad karta hun meine NWM B& EA bhi 1 level kia hua hei jiske baad se mere andar confidence tatha seva bhav badh gaya hei.
Vijay Kr Singh
Aarogya Hospital, Meerut
Mein kafi bimar tha meine apne adhikari ko meerut mein apni health problem btate hue chutiyo ki mang ki mere adhikari ne , mujhe dr. pradeep se sampark karne ke liye kaha. Dr. pradeep ko phone karne par meine btaya ki mujhe roz sham ko sat bje fever ho jata hei , or doctors ne mere bone marrow mein infection btakar mujhe hospitalization ke liye bola hei, dr pradeep nein kaha kal aake btao bukhar chadha ke nahi , agle din meerut AAATE HUE mein apne sathi se kehne elaga jo ki dr pradeep ko janta tha ki bukhar to chadha hi nhi ja kar btenge kya,. To veh sath ne bola unhone vahin se kuch kar dia hoga , or mein ascharye ke sath dr pradeep se mila tatha tabhi meine man bana lia ki mein ye meraculous system sikhunga uske agle din mein or meri patni aae tatha NWM method ke basic lavel sikhe meri patni ko bhi ankho mwein problem thi jo Dr. sangeeta pradeeop madem ki kuch hi din ki healing se tghik ho gyi abh mein bhi is healing ka PRAYOG ANYO PAR KARTA HUN YAHAN TASK KI MERE WEK BHATIJE KI GOVT. JOB BHI isi healing ke prabhv se lag gyi.
Harsh Mishra

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