NWM Life Assessment

NWM life assessment is a mini reading for time, body, mind, relationship, occupation and soul.

NWM Touch Diagnosis & Treatment

NWM uses touch diagnosis, which is tool used by NWM masters to diagnose and develop treatment plan on individual basis.

NWM Divine Guidance

NWM Divine Guidance is a process of getting divine messages through cards.

NWM Spiritual Healing

NWM spiritual healing uses a holistic approach, helping a person to return to the wholeness of being, harmony of body, mind and spirit by different divine healing techniques, which are set to change the patient’s life force for the best.


NWM B & EA Process, It is an ancient, advanced and effective technique which uses cosmic/universal power by sound/breath energy for the activation of Elements Energy.

NWM Aaahaaram 

Hindus say, Annam Brahma – food is divine. So with deep respect you eat, and while eating you forget everything, because it is a prayer. It is an existential prayer. You are eating the divine and the divine is going to give you nourishment. It is a gift to be accepted with deep love and gratitude.


NWM VyaktitvnirdharaN / Personality Check

In India, we understand mind since thousands of years. We call it Mann and we are what we are thinking in our mind (Mann). That’s why we call Manusy.

In NWM we see person and personality as a water body and water in it.

The quality of mind is movement and the other quality is direction.

In NWM we put all in 3 categories:

1 high tide

2 low tide

3 settle

You can easily judge your personality by this classification.

1st and 2nd personality can’t see the really self.

The first step to the attainment of settlement into a diamond like stillness, is to check your personality type, then use a suitable tool of NWM for the same.

NWM NidaanaM

NWM starts with diagnosis, by NWM TouchdiagnosiS and NWM NidaanaM.

Both the methods are noninvasive.

NWM NidaanaM is self check method, that analysis balance, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Its a series of some simple activities you can try yourself or by the help of a NWM master/healer. (Under the guidance of NWM master/healer is better).

We should listen to our body. Early intervention is always good.

And precautions are better than cure.

NWM ShaktiSadhnA

NWM Shakti Sadhna is a process for low BMI rate and very helpful for the persons of sedentary lifestyle.

Our lifestyle contributes in our well-being. How we live, what we eat makes or destroy our health.

NWM Shakti Sadhna can transform your life it a combination of some movements to increase your metabolic rate and to balance your endocrine system.

NWM Shanti Sadhna is very helpful in conditions like depression, loneliness, fear, worry and frustration.

Contact NWM master near you or write to us for further information.

NWM PyrameD

When we talk about shapes, pyramid is a shape we see everywhere, mostly religious or Spiritual places. Mostly we sit under a pyramid when we go to temple, church, mosque or so on.

Pyramid is a magnetic shape that attracts divine energies.

In NWM we use pyramid as medicine, so we call it Pyramed. PyrameD is very natural and powerful.

NWM Vedic Vastu

Correction without breaking or shifting for home, office, mall etc.

In addition to Karmas in this life, two things fate and NWM Vedic Vaastu affect the life of a person; each responsible for 50% happiness in life.  

NWM Karma Yog4all

NWM KarmYog4all, is a program based on the ancient wisdom for vibrant health in modern times..

NWM KarmYog4all is a comprehensive holistic system applicable to any age group.


Words, even though spoken in your mind, have a powerful effect in creating your reality. When spoken out-loud, words and sounds can have an even more profound effect because they create vibrations that interact with your energetic body, helping it to fall into harmony or disharmony.

Mantras have vibration and frequencies 

NWM Sleep Synthesis

NWM Sleep synthesis is a tool where we use sleep as a source of healing and manifestation.

This process is very useful in redesigning 

our thoughts process and mind mapping.

NWM MicroHand YogA

NWM karmYog4All is a system of exercise that can be done anywhere anytime at any age. 

NWM includes different hand positions for different ailments.

 It is very easy and effective.

NWM IshtvidhanaM 

We all know we have guides with us. In Indian culture we call them Isht and in other cultures they call, angels, farishte, divine guides etc.

NWM IshtvidhanaM is a process for connection with our guides. If we are well-connected to them, we can get all-round success.

The process is very easy and effective.

You can do it at your place once connected by an attunement(shakti pat).

NWM AbhyangaM

NWM AbhyangaM is a tool specifically designed for the persons who are weak or in rehabilitation process.

We call it Passive KarmYog4all, because a NWM master /healer does all possible useful movements for you.

As per your physical strength and requirements.

NWM YagyaM

NWM Yagyam based on ancient Indian tradition of yagya.

 Yagyam is a spiritual process where we manifest wishes by burning different items on different shape metal sheets.

NWM MantrachiktsA

Word has power to heal. 

in Indian tradition, mantra is a way to manifest wishes and well-being.

NWM NasyaM

This process is very beneficial for health,

NWM NasyaM is an important part of NWM KarmYog4All

NWM GandushaM

NWM GandushaM is a cleansing and detoxification process of NWMAaahaaraM 

NWM DhwnidhaarnaA

Since centuries in India, music is a Healing method.

Musical instruments like Sankha,Ghante, ghadiyal,mirdangam etc. being used in Healing.

These Healing methods are very calming andeffective.

In NWM we use different instruments and music for healing.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni all sur are Healing sounds and different raagas have their own Healing effects.

We should try and use music as therapy, we should attend Kirtans to feel that effect. 

NWM Rainbow

is a very easy and interesting way to know several aspects of a person, it can be used in your career your business or in whatever occupation you are in, it is used to know someones personality, financial conditions, personality, interests and relation with any other person.

It will also help you in improving your Physical and Mental state..

NWM Swar Sadhna

It is a healing method in which breathing by right and left nostril is taught for different ailments.  

NWM Chakra Santulan

NWM Chakra Santulan is a series of different movements and mantras to balance our life wheels.

As wheel balancing is required for our vehicles, our body is a vehicle for us ($oul).

Try NWM Chakra Santulan for smooth riding to words Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

NWM Shashank sadhnA

NWM Shashank Sadhna (Moon manifestation), Is an important part of NWM KarmYog4All.

Who should try NWM Shashank Sadhna (Moon manifestation).. ?

Do you… ?

1.Work long hours constantly under deadlines and conditions of overload.

2. Take work home on evenings/ at weekend; and unable to relax.

NWM SamaandhyaaN

We are using different ancient Healing process in NWM as tools.

One of NWM tools is NWM SamaandhyaaN. It’s a simplest technique for deep meditation.

Anyone of any age can learn and use it as we practice it laying down.

You can learn it online too or a NWM master can teach u happily.

we'll be happy to help you.
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